LA made design, chosen by you

Deborah Viereck, a native Angeleno, is the founder and designer of the VIERECK clothing line. Fusing premium fabrication, exquisite fit, and flattering silhouettes, she constructs her garments with a costumer’s flair for the dramatic and a rock star sensibility. She is driven by a philosophy of edgy yet feminine sophistication. Her design aesthetic is ultimately vampire meets sex and cupcakes.  If the devil were a woman, she’d be a proper lady donned in Viereck, drinking a cocktail with God, also wearing Viereck.

After studying French and English literature at UCLA she completed the fashion design program at FIDM.  Following her studies she launched the clothing line Sage which sold to over 400 stores nationally, including most major department stores. During this period, she began designing costumes for Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction and Gwen Stefani, for whom she designed about 100 costumes for stage, videos, and press shoots.

Intrigued and inspired, Deborah shifted her focus to costume design and stylist work and renamed the label ’tain’t..  She began designing for some of the most ground-breaking musicians emerging at this time. Repeatedly, the artists she most esteemed were the very ones calling to work with her, one of which was the scandalous and innovative Marilyn Manson. Responsible for the creation of his now-famous satanic look, Deborah incorporated her own grandmother’s old girdles and corsets as well as leather and taxidermy into his stagewear.  She also designed the famous spiky coats and medieval dresses that decorated his bandmates during shows.

She designed elaborate costumes for Korn – studded leather kilt suits, bright wool and lame kilt suits, hell-raiser cloaks, priest cassocks, and embellished coveralls. She also created hundreds of the heavily quilted and embroidered coveralls for Slipknot’s nine members.  Many other rock bands, including Queens of the Stone Age, Disturbed, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Motley Crue, and the Rolling Stones were loyal clients of hers as well. She has also created numerous designs for such rap artists as Ludacris, Snoop Dog, Krayzee Bones, Eminem, and Sticky Fingaz.

Deborah’s designs developed a star following, adorning starlets on and off the red carpet. She also created more than 100 costumes for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Parade.

VIERECK  has been steadily expanding throughout the U.S.A. The line is currently stocked by several hundred boutiques nationwide.


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